Trust in Phoenix Restoration’s 30+ Years of Experience.

Phoenix Restoration has been active in the building restoration industry since the early 1980’s. We take great pride in restoring and preserving Canada’s history and culture through our restoration work. In order to bring the superior quality we are known for to each and every restoration project, we only work with the best tradesmen and restoration contractors. Each person on our team is dedicated to conserving properties, and brings to their work skilled craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

Our Approach to Restoration and Renovation.

Our project manager formulates an inspection checklist that is specific to the site before we begin any restorative work. Detailed procedures are sent to the restoration consultant for approval. Once mockups are made and approved, the restoration work begins in full. The onsite foremen use the inspection checklist as their guide as restoration work progresses, ensuring that every detail of the contract is met and fulfilled.

Our restoration contractors and supervisors meet at the beginning of each shift to assess what remains to be done and ensure each member of the team is aware of that day’s planned restoration work. Projects for each day are meticulously planned to guarantee resources are effectively used. Progress is recorded, photographed and catalogued.

To ensure our commitment to quality is upheld, we have a quality control program in place, as well as a Quality Control Champion. We believe in close supervision throughout every aspect of the restoration process. Our quality assurance team supervises every stage of the construction and restoration process, ensuring our highest standards are met for each and every restoration project we undertake.

Health and Safety.

We are happy to communicate that Phoenix Restoration is enthusiastically committed companywide and at all levels of our work force to a safe work environment. We have a “Safety First” companywide culture, and share this philosophy with owners, employees and our vendors alike. We enforce our Health and Safety Policy on all projects. This is tangibly illustrated by our zero injuries reported on our CAD-7 report over the past 4 years. Phoenix Restoration is also currently enrolled in the Certificate of Recognition program through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association. Every reasonable precaution is taken at Phoenix to provide health and safety for all.