The Macaulay Church is part of the Macaulay Heritage Park in The Prince Edward County. The church was named after the missionary who came and developed the area in the early 1800’s. For this project, we dismantled the entire north elevation of the church, and rebuilt the elevation using conserved and matching historical brick. Phoenix installed new cintect seismic anchors in rock and stone walls, and rebuilt the stone structural wall on the east elevation and stone buttress. Repairs were made to the stone foundation and complete tuck-pointing was done to the church tower. New heating and air conditioning was installed along with new electrical services. Interior millwork was supplied and installed and the wood windows were restored to their original state. Stained glass repair and re-installation was also done throughout the church.

Macaulay Church Museum

July 18, 2016


The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward


Conservation & Replication, Exterior Restoration, Glazing, Masonry, Millwork