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Progress is well underway on Canada’s 1st railway tunnel!

We are happy to share some of the great photos that momentsbyKeith shot of the Brockville Tunnel and the Phoenix Restoration team.

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Best wishes to you and your families over this holiday season. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Phoenix Restoration team. 


Phoenix Restoration’s work is back in the news. After extensive restoration, and renovation the Broadview Hotel is soon to reopen. This is the second time that Phoenix Restoration has worked on this heritage building. Almost 30 years ago Phoenix performed masonry repairs to the building when it was still the infamous Jillys. Today we continue to maintenance the Broadview Hotel as it enters a new era.

The 125 years old building is a community landmark, and best known for its 1891 Romanesque revival architecture.

Broadview Hotel, Streetcar Developments, ERA Architects, Toronto, Riverside
Image by Marcus Mitanis

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Phoenix Restoration Inc. has been very busy as of late. Some of the larger projects we are working on now are Toronto’s Union Station, Osgoode Hall, and The Brockville Tunnel. We are beginning to wrap things up with the Historic Windsor Amoury.

The Brockville Tunnel is a really interesting project, as it was the first railway tunnel in Canada. The Tunnel is located under the downtown core of The Town of Brockville, and runs about a kilometre in length. Construction began on the tunnel in 1854, and was completed by 1860. Since Brockville is strategically located on the St. Lawrence river, during the 19th century the town had a very active port. The think tank behind the Brockville Tunnel, was interested in creating a quick connection to The City of Ottawa from the port.

The Tunnel itself is constructed almost entirely of brick, so the project requires the historic masonry expertise, that Phoenix Restoration specializes in. We are looking forward to its revitalization. 

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The Point Abino Lighthouse was an exciting project for Phoenix Restoration. A National Historic Site, The Point Abino Lighthouse, had to undergo rigorous concrete repairs.

Read more about it here:–phoenix-restoration-works-on-point-abino-lighthouse-in-fort-erie-ontario

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Rob Miller, C of Q Masonry

Rob is an absolute expert in the masonry restoration field. He has an extensive masonry background in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings, as well as user-occupied heritage buildings. He specializes in the conservation of stone, brick, terra cotta and limestone. Rob has acted as a safety leader and mentor to his fellow teammates throughout his career at Phoenix, and is known for his fast response time and attention to detail. On your project, he will use his 25+ years of experience to get the project done fast, on cost, and expertly completed.

Chester Joseph, C of Q Masonry

Chester continues to be one of Phoenix’s top performers. He takes pride in his work and always surpasses the level of excellence that Phoenix demands. Chester demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and is an excellent example that inspires his team to meet deadlines and safety standards. He works very well under pressure and has proven his ability to maintain coordination of manpower, products, and workflow. Chester will be proud to use his expertise in the revitalization of any heritage property.

Michael Brannigan C of Q Masonry


Michael consistently delivers an outstanding amount of expertise in managing large projects. He has proved himself to be an adept communicator with strong leadership qualities, and successfully collaborates with colleagues to prepare statements and monitor project schedules. Michael has constantly demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks and accomplish goals efficiently all while maintaining cost control. Michael has become known for his commitment to quality, therefore he will meet all codes and regulations on your project.

Hugh Brannigan B.Sc., C of Q

Hugh has developed many skills over his 25 years of experience in historic restoration, conservation and preservation. These include excellent interpersonal skills, effective scheduling and time management, and the ability to adapt to unique and unforeseen site conditions. Hugh takes the initiative to identify problems and formulate solutions while promoting cooperation among his teammates. On your project, he will be 100% involved and always on site to meet the demands of project excellence.

Ray Pannone, C of Q


With almost 30 years of experience at Phoenix Restoration, Ray is an exemplary leader that inspires his teammates to exceed in all aspects of the project. He is an expert in the field and takes the initiative to identify problems before they arise. He is also known as a safety leader on site, and remains very effective in his scheduling and time management. Ray will be proud to use his expertise in the revitalization of Toronto’s heritage.

Jason James B.Arch.Bc


Jason’s extensive knowledge of current construction codes and standards has always enabled us to complete projects on time and within budget. On-site and in the office, his passion for heritage building restoration inspires others. His restoration and general contracting specialization is a direct result of his extensive experience within the field. On your project, Jason will exhibit his expert communication and coordination skills, and mastery of Microsoft Project. His involvement will extend well beyond site presence to perfect the job at hand.

Chris Eyles, C of Q / Carpenter

Chris has excellent organizational and leadership skills. Over the course of his career he has demonstrated exceptional problem solving abilities, and a capacity to identify problems before they arise. Chris values safety above all else. He has extensive knowledge of construction procedures, on site equipment, and machinery. It is important to him, that all resources, manpower, and equipment are used effectively, and safely.

Scott McCullough

Scott’s experience, and extraordinary leadership skills make him an excellent foreman. We can always count on him to coordinate tasks according to their priority, and ensure that we have adequate manpower and resources at our fingertips. Scott guarantees that all safety precautions and quality standards are carefully upheld onsite, and that all expenses are carefully monitored.